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1 May 1978 and 2009

2 min readMay 1, 2024

Two very exciting showbiz-related anniversaries today.

Firstly, happy 46th birthday to this surely unimprovable diary entry from Peter Hall in which a young Dinsdale Landen tries to impress an ageing Donald Wolfit, and doesn’t altogether succeed.

Dinsdale Landen told today a wonderful story ... He was a walk-on when Wolfit was … playing Othello, but was not told what to do until the dress rehearsal, at which the great man … told Dinsdale … to black-up and play a page who followed him everywhere … Dinsdale did not know the play and just went wherever Wolfit went … he found himself in a scene in which he felt ill at ease. Suddenly he heard the great man’s voice roaring, ‘Not in Desdemona’s bedroom, you cunt.’
Excerpt from the Faber Book of Diaries


It’s the 15th anniversary of one of the most important cultural events of modern times. Yes, of course: the Hollywood Wax Museum auction. You will no doubt have your own favourites from this splendid thread…

(Follow the link in the text above if that link doesn’t work, or read on if you can’t face going to what was once Twitter.)

…but I think it’s important that we appreciate just how valuable these things were. Associated Press reported, for example, that The Beatles went for $13,000.

Indescribably terrible Sgt. Pepper-era waxworks of The Beatles. The costumes look to have been fashioned from old silk dressing gowns, rather than looking vaguely military. The faces are just about recognisable without being even slightly convincing

While the entirely respectful Last Supper brought in over $15,000:

The Last Supper in wax. Seven white men in robes and long hair sit on one side of a table. Behind them is a painting of the crucifixion, which was probably not an accurate period detail, unless Jesus was big on spoilers

…but my favourite will always be the one you wouldn’t have the smallest clue about unless I tell you He’s Dill Dandin.

A waxwork man in black and white tailcoat and frilly shirt with sunglasses and a terrible wig. He has his mouth open as if shouting. It’s supposed to look like Elton John

Elton John or Kevin Eldon? You decide.




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