Odd this day

Jan 8, 2023

Graham Chapman would have been 82 today, which seems as good a time as any to remind ourselves of this Barry Cryer anecdote about writing for Ronnie Corbett with him:

Joe McGrath: If you’re working with somebody that you’re in sympathy with, if you do come up with a funny line you can laugh for 20 minutes.
Barry Cryer: Oh yes. And you do the great unusables as well, if it’s a dreary afternoon. Graham and I used to write: ‘It’s morning. We discover Ronnie wanking.’ And we’d laugh for about half an hour at the idea.

That’s from this excellent book:

…which Arthur Smith reviewed when it came out, observing

One wonders how the face of British comedy would have changed if this sketch had somehow made it into The Two Ronnies.

Here is a picture of Graham Chapman, by the way:

…not because I think you’ve forgotten what he looks like, but because it’s marvellous. Also, while we’re here, there is, of course, never a bad time to be reminded of his memorial service:




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