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Mar 21


Well, Happy it-would-have-been-your-287th birthday Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, the man who designed this building, which was inexplicably never, er… erected.

Claude-Nicolas Ledoux’s design for The Oikèma, which looks like a penis

This is the Oikèma, or ‘house of pleasure’, in Ledoux’s ideal city. (Why, yes, he does mean brothel.) You can read more about it on ArchEyes — or,if you prefer turns of phrase like

…a Foucaultian calligram insofar as it cancels the oppositions of showing and naming…

…you could try an academic paper entitled The Anamorphic Phallus within Ledoux’s Dismembered Plan of Chaux.

Each to their own. Either way, I can’t help wondering what he might have done in the age of steel and glass. This, for example, is Jan Kaplicky’s proposed Green Bird Tower, also tragically never… er, put up.

A 442-metre tower which appears to stand on the site of Battersea Power Station. It is pink at the base, becoming orange higher up, before finishing in a greeny yellow at the top. It is wider at the base, and tapers, curving as it rises. Oh, and it looks like a dildo
It’s a 442m dildo

I’d love to see some data on male architects and towering structures vs female architects and… less phallic design, let’s say.

It… well… doesn’t look entirely UNlike a vulva
Al Wakrah Stadium by Zaha Hadid for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar




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